Made it to and, almost, back from Loch Lomond using nothing but the power of my two legs, which I’m pretty chuffed about.


There’s been so much going on lately with work and family, so it was good to have a clear sky, an open road and a new audiobook (The City & The City by China Miéville) to step back and clear my head for a day.


The intention was to cycle to Loch Lomond and back, but a blow-out about 60% of the way there in the morning put paid to that.


I repaired it, but obviously did a rubbish job, since it became a slow puncture. I kept stopping to re-inflate every half hour or so, and I thought that would see me through…


…but every half hour became every 20 min, then every 10 min. Eventually it was permanently flat. Evidently a second hole I couldn’t find. So I had to walk about a mile to Cambuslang station and call for my wife to pick me up.


That’s the second time I’ve tried to do Loch Lomond and back. The first time I gave up once I got there and took the train back from Balloch. Next time…



The Outward Journey Stats – (Spot where I had to stop and fix the puncture)

The return Journey stats – (All those dips are where I had to stop and reinflate)

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August 31, 2016

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